A New Season


Conditioning sessions are over and the final season of the year has officially begun. Practices have not been absolutely brutal just yet, but many of our mandatory practices have been either tricky or straining. Soreness has entered our bodies which left us feeling weak as ever. We had one practice where our coach “ran our legs out” and then had the rest of the practice to stretch and roll out our aches and knots the whole room echoed with some painful screams. Trying to hold in the painful shriek (or growl) while someone aggressively rolls out your achingly tight muscles is near impossible. 

Even though practices have only been occurring for a week and a half now, the team and coaches have had a lot accomplished. Coach Carlton and Coach Amor have been discussing who might be a good option for what race already, and it makes us nervous but excites us at the same time. Basing off how practices have been occurring, lots of competition and fighting for spots will be happening because of how amazing the team is this year. Girls track team gained about over a dozen new girls leaving the team with a total of 31runners and throwers. For a small school, the numbers are exceptionally good. Each girl has great potential and every one of us is fighting to be in a varsity spot for sectionals. 

Last year we had no seniors so we did not lose anyone but merely gained more impressive athletes. This year our incredible seniors are McKayla Thompson, Emily Tigler, Hannah Young, and Olivia Shaffer. All of whom are our close friends and will miss each one dearly. I can already tell that we will all cherish our last season with our senior friends and make every moment we have with each other count. Our goal is to improve individually and as a team as well as to have more team bonding so we can strengthen our friendships. In my opinion, I would not be as close with some people if it were not for sports, especially track. 

Overall, our season has been going fairly well. Practices are gradually getting more and more difficult and the girls are becoming more competitive. This season will surely be intense and fierce, and it will bring out the best and worst out of all of us athletes, but it will also be a learning experience that can help us later on in our future. I wish all the athletes the best and this is only the start of a new beginning. Do not forget to support the Lady Kings in our first meet in March at Indiana Wesleyan University. The meet will be indoors and boy are we going to feel so professional.

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