Review on Chicago Fire

In my opinion Chicago Fire is  a very good show. The show always has me on edge for what is going to happen next. The characters are very fun and exciting to watch. The show has a very good plot. Each character has his own story to them and this later causes problems between the fire houses. The episode that I am reviewing was aired on 11/19/13.

The story of the show has taken a big twist. The commissioner of all fire houses is shutting down fire houses to make budget cuts throughout Chicago. This fire house is on the list. The fire house that the show is based off of is Fire House 51. The budget cuts are a very realistic part of the show because in today’s economy, budget cuts are very common. I like this part of the show because it sets up other problems with other characters.

In the last episode a train was wrecked into a warehouse. The train had many passengers and highly flammable chemicals too! Not only that, the warehouse had many civilians in it. The train wreck, I think, is unrealistic. I think this because if a train were to crash, the passengers would be able to exit easily and safely. Instead, the passengers were trapped for quite a while.

While the train was overturned, a man ran up to the lieutenant and said, “Please find my daughter.” The lieutenant took this task into his own hands and made this his personal mission. Finding this girl was a very tough task because there was at list ten train cars with passengers on it. The lieutenant finally found the girl and she was okay! I think this is very important because he put his own life on the line for others. This is realistic because every person has a personal drive in them to do something good. This also shows how the lieutenant is very good with people and would sacrifice his own life to save another.

The fire team rescued and saved lives in this episode. They got the job done and they did well! Overall, I think the show was very realistic and the characters played their roles well!