We’re The Millers

I saw the movie We’re the Millers. It is listed as a comedy movie. I was really excited to see this movie since I heard it was supposed to be really funny. The basic plot to the story consists of a drug dealer who loses his money and is forced to smuggle drugs across the border. Already the plot suggests problems. How will he smuggle drugs across the border without getting caught? Well, the drug dealer comes up with the idea that if he had a perfect All-American family, the border patrol won’t suspect anything and let him pass through easily. Now my thoughts on the movie were mostly positive. The movie consisted of funny scenarios and problems that were well acted and well thought out and played. I would give this movie a ten out of ten. One minor problem I had with the movie is not related to acting.

Even though this movie was funny, the language and content of this movie is not safe for children. This movie is obviously rated R for uncensored content within the movie. Now I can see why it was rated this way. The movie consists of crude language, brief nudity, and some scenes that consist of crude humor. If you plan on seeing this movie, do not bring your little siblings with you or you might have to be explaining some awkward questions that you don’t want to answer!

Jason Sudekis did a great job in this comedy. He is the drug dealer in this movie who creates a lot of the mishaps and problems by not thinking things through. Anyways, I think he played the part well and was hilarious in the process. The way he reacted and acted through each problematic and comical scenario was hilarious. One funny example is when Jason causes his whole fake family to be pulled over at the border by not responding to the officer. While their RV is full of drugs, the officer keeps asking them if they’re carrying any contraband. Everyone shook their head, and right before he is about to open the door, a group of illegal immigrants hops out from under the R.V!! The officer quickly replies this happens all the time and tells them to leave while he chases the immigrants!! Jason is a very funny actor in this film and I praise him for this.

I would like to take a quick moment and suggest that people see this movie. This movie is very funny and made me very weak in the stomach by laughing so hard. Some of the scenes in this movie are almost unbearably funny! I would without a doubt say this is one of the best movies of a lifetime.



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