Mr. Carlton: Becoming a New Teacher


          Ever felt excited for school? Yeah, I haven’t and if you have, you either have an awesome teacher or something’s wrong. Just kidding, you’re probably just smart no biggie. As the new school year starts, there will be new teachers and new classes. Every student is anxious to know who is going to be in their classes and who their teachers will be…or at least that’s how I felt. What students usually don’t think about is how the new teachers are feeling about school as well. When students move schools, they are considered the “new kid.” Learning the new ways of the school they have recently enrolled in is sometimes a struggle. The same applies for adults who get a job in a school corporation. They are considered the “newbie.” Mr. Carlton has begun his career as a new teacher at Lewis Cass High School.

         Mr. Carlton and I sat down for an interview and during our brief “meeting,” he was very certain of his answers and was confident while answering them. He loves the school corporation. “This is a great environment and I love it.” Even though he is new to the environment and getting used to the way things are around here, he seems to be fitting in just well so far.
         Mr. Carlton has always wanted to be a teacher ever since the eighth grade and he has always wanted to do it. He loved to help his friends out with whatever homework they had, in which this benefited Mr. Carlton because he was re-teaching the work in a different way for him and his friends to fully understand better.

         He enjoys his coworkers. “It is very easy to get along with my coworkers because everyone wants everyone to succeed. We ask each other questions, have new ideas, and support each other,” said Carlton.
         Just as Carlton respects his coworkers, he gets along with his students as well. Carlton said, “This is a fantastic community and students are really great in which that is based off of family.”
          The biggest pro for him is that this is all a fresh start; the only con is the distance from home. His goals for the new school year are number one– be a positive influence on students, number two, have a successful football season, and three, is for his students to ask questions they normally do not ask.
         Carlton graduated high school from Eastern Hancock in Charlottesville, Indiana. Then he went to and graduated from Ball State University with a degree in social studies just this spring.

         Every teacher in this school corporation has made a name for himself or herself in some way. Let’s be honest, there are teachers that students praise and teachers whom we try to avoid at times. Each student views a teacher in his or her own way based on the character and personality of him or her…or by how much homework they give, either one works. Whereas when there is a new teacher, it takes a little while to get situated with change; it takes a while for that one teacher to make a name for himself. Student’s views on a teacher is most often based on how teachers’ act; just like how the teachers’ keep an eye on students almost all the time, students’ watch teachers’ like a hawk most of the time as well…so no pressure Mr. Carlton.