Not Enough Time for Homework?

Not Enough Time for Homework?

Not Enough Time for Homework?

Nobody likes homework. Mmmm, ok well some people do-maybe. Both students and teachers have a life outside of school. Including our out of school life, students have numerous school work besides homework and extracurricular activities as well. How will we ever have time to do homework? Sure, homework can help us get better in our knowledge of that subject, but homework really doesn’t do much if we are only scrounging for the time to do it, then only doing it for the sake of it. We have lots of classes in one day and in every class we are assigned things to do most of the time. Not putting our focus on homework will not help ourselves or the teachers in the long run.

Here is what I think. I believe that teachers should try to give as minimum amount of homework as they can. I am not just saying this because I dislike homework very much. It is because I do not want homework to be the reason I get a low grade. Also, homework takes away time for spending quality time with the family. This keeps a close bond with the family and can release serotonin which increases your likeliness to be happy and learn.

Students rage on and on about how much homework they have and having such little time to do it. I would not consider this to be a rant, but more like a reason to why we mustn’t have as much homework as we do now. Life is stressful as it is for everyone. Surely teachers would want to do other things then grade and assign homework all the time; students feel the same. Not all students play video games or nap as soon as they reach home. Others have sports or other school activities that occur right after school. Teachers seem to think the weekends can be used for homework. It can be, but then no one would have a life. Studying and learning is good, but we must take breaks (weekends) for the brain to store all that knowledge.

To excel in school, you must also be involved in a social life. Not everyone must talk to everyone, but to release some oxytocin is good for the health and most importantly, the brain. Oxytocin is a small little hormone gland that is located in the front of the brain. If teachers want us to succeed, we students should not be pounded with loads of homework. An alternative for not giving out as much homework could be to allow students to have at least 10 minutes or more of time at the end of class to work on given assignments, then leave it in the class in a folder that way no students loses it and students will also progress more.

Homework does help us at times but is sometimes not needed or just causes a lot of stress. Stress can sometimes cause the common cold or increase the percentage of death. Having less stress means more students to educate and more positions for teachers. Everything is a cycle and if an assignment is not done then the student’s grade will lower, the teacher will have to teach that individual even more, the student might not get in a good college because of grades, then adulthood will be tough. Homework during weekends is not the best idea and should not be encouraged.

What do you think about all this homework and what should be done? Comment below in the comment section.

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