Mr. Treadway joins the Cass family!


Mr. Treadway poses with one of his favorite players.

Most people to a new job usually aren’t familiar with the corporation, but that is different for Mr. Treadway. Coach Treadway joined the Cass family last year as the Lewis Cass boys basketball teams Junior Varsity head coach and Varsity assistant. Mr.Treadway’s family moved from Dallas, Texas to Kokomo in 2007.  Mr. Treadway’s dad is the junior high wrestling coach at Lewis Cass. Mr. Treadway has always wanted to be a teacher since he was a kid. He struggled with math in school when he was younger but as he got older he began to understand it better. He decided to become a math teacher to help kids who struggled in math as he did at a early age.


The Treadway family always loved wrestling and Coach Treadway did as well. However, the school he went to when he was a kid did not have a wrestling team so he had to choose a different winter sport. Mr. Treadway with his height and skill decide on basketball. It was a easy choice and he ran with it since then. He went to Northwestern High School and graduated in 2010. He also played football while at Northwestern. After high school he attended Grace College to study science and education where he earned his Bachelor’s degree.


He has some coaching experience by coaching at Kokomo in the middle school level and at Lake View Middle School. Mr. Treadway said, “ He enjoyed his first year at Cass, because of the players and of the competition of high school basketball.” His goal is always to be the best and help kids get better at basketball and also in their academics. His decision to go to Lewis Cass was an easy one.  


When Coach Treadway was offered the opportunity at Lewis Cass he could not turn it down. He always wanted to be coach from a young age and having the opportunity to teach at the same time made it even more of a perfect fit. It was a dream job for him to become part of the Lewis Cass family.


I have learned a lot about him as a man and a coach. Mr. Treadway always puts in 110% effort into everything he does from coaching to teaching young kids math. Coach Treadway is a great person and is always willing to help anyone to get better at what they need help with. I hope Coach Treadway enjoys his time at Lewis Cass High School because he is a great guy and an amazing coach. I know he will continue to only get better because when I talked to Lewis Cass Head Coach Mr. Burkett he said “ Coach Treadway always puts in 100 percent effort and loves the game so he will want to always want to learn more.”Coming in to this year I did not really know him but I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet him.

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