Why Baseball should be America’s Sport.

Los Angeles Angels all-star Mike Trout and first baseman Albert Pujols standing for the national anthem.

Los Angeles Angels all-star Mike Trout and first baseman Albert Pujols standing for the national anthem.

Why is baseball America’s favorite sport is real close to me. I am a huge baseball fan and baseball is my favorite sport to play and watch. Lately,  Americans have been saying that football or better known as the NFL is our favorite sport. In a Washington post article it said that 43 percent of Americans favorite sport is football and only 9 percent is baseball. I have played baseball since tee-ball and I am a huge fan of the sport because of the history of the game and the way the game is played more so than football. I am disagreeing with most of America on what our favorite sport is now and what it should be going forward.


I disagree with my fellow Americans because baseball has been here longer than football. Baseball was invented in the year 1839. That is even before the Civil War started. Football was not started in America until the 1880’s which was 40 years after we started playing baseball in America. Many soldiers in the Civil War played baseball as a way to pass time and forget about the war while they were in camp between battles.This is very important because it shows that young men loved to play the game and it was a game anyone could play. Then after the Civil War the North and South could become friends again with the help of baseball.


Baseball has always brought out the best memories for me and my family. The vendors selling food and the sound of the organ playing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” are memories that I will never forget. Watching Kris Bryant my favorite player taking batting practice and trying to get autographs before the game are things I love and will always cherish about baseball. I always try to at Wrigley Field but I never get any autographs.


In my eyes, baseball is America’s sport because of the national anthem. Today, in society , NFL players are kneeling and not showing any respect to our great country and our flag. It really hurts my dad, who served four years in the Army to watch the football players take a knee when our anthem is played. He doesn’t feel like the players that kneel understand the sacrifices our military makes. I believe if you want to be considered our national sport you have to be respectful enough to stand for the flag. In baseball players have shown respect and honor to the flag and have not kneeled. This shows that they are proud to be Americans and want to be America’s sport.


I hope that now you believe that baseball is America’s sport and not football. I wish that people will pay more attention to baseball because it’s a great sport. In my opinion there is nothing better than going to a ballpark and watching the Chicago Cubs my favorite team play. I like it alot more when playing baseball with my friends against the rival schools, eating sunflower seeds and telling jokes to my teammates in the dugout. I wish that more kids will pick up baseball as a hobby and watch more games!


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