Experiencing My First Concert


Everyone has a favorite artist, song, or album. Something that a person can turn to when they feel down or need to be uplifted. We all, if not most, have a song for your feels, to jam out to, or to have a good cry. How would you feel if you got the opportunity to go see your favorite artist perform right in front of you? For me, this artist is Lauren Daigle and my favorite song from her is “You Say” from her album Look Up Child.

Being able to see my favorite artist live is truly a dream come true. Not only seeing, but to hear all of her songs that you listen to on a daily basis really is something to be ecstatic about. On the plus side, going to my very first concert with my best friends really is a night to remember. T-shirts, jewelry, popsockets, and other fascinating items were being sold that caught our eyes. The only downside was that they were all super expensive and the cheapest price was ten dollars.

Meeting new people is always fun and that is exactly what I got to do that day. I was invited by my best friend Carley McCloskey to go to the Lauren Daigle concert for her youth group and of course I had to say yes. Just like me, other people from her youth group invited some of their friends too so being able to meet new people and having the same interests in things was really fun and exciting. We exchanged social media information, like any other typical teenager, and we took lots of pictures so we could remember that special day.

When we first arrived, it was sunny and very warm. My friend Carley and I were dressed and prepared for a more chilly weather. We both wore rain boots during a very sunny day so our other friends (Mckayla Thompson, Delaney Zeck, and Emily Tigler) were teasing us. Later on after we finished eating at Chick-Fil-A, we had to go outside to go to the next building for the concert. By then, it had started to downpour so really, Carley and I knew what we were doing by dressing up warm and wearing rain boots. It was fun running in the rain and then it was even more hilarious that we had to stand outside in the rain in a long line before going inside.

When we got inside, we got lost a little bit but that didn’t stop us from finding our destination. Once we got inside, a lady who was helping out mistook us as college students which was very funny to us. We got good seats where we could watch but unfortunately for me I had forgotten my glasses at the school so I had to use Addi Wagoner’s prescription sunglasses which just wasn’t the same but better than nothing. The opening acts were so good at what they did and the first girl’s voice was absolutely beautiful. I don’t exactly remember what their names were but I was very entranced by all of their voices.

Overall, it was a great night and I got to experience it with my close friends. If you have not heard any of Lauren Daigle’s songs, then I encourage you to go do that after reading this story. I am certain that you will not be disappointed and might even have a new artist or song after. I definitely made great memories that I will always remember. Meeting new people and making friends is something I absolutely love to do so I would definitely say that that Saturday was a success.