Courier Bests- First Semester 2018

Articles are nominated for the award throughout the semester. The students on the staff vote for the best articles in the six categories. All of the nominated articles can be linked to from the bottom of the Kings’ Courier home page.

Courier Top Features

One Last Go Around- Josie Woolever (senior)-  1st
Big Kings Little Kings: Mentoring the Youth- Carl Jay (junior)- 2nd
A Legacy That Will Last Forever – Reese Rodabough (senior) -3rd
“Velkommen to America”, Bella Panmei (sophomore)- 4th

Courier Top First Person Feature
“To My Beautiful Best Friend Begles”, Brooklyn Fye (senior)- 1st
Cass County Coming Together Lanie Miller (senior)- 2nd
Saying Goodbye to High School Volleyball- Ashli Key (senior)- 3rd
“Struggling to Say Goodbye” – McKayla Thompson (junior)-4th

Courier Top Opinion
“The Bond Between the Seniors”Ashli Key (senior)- 1st
Seeing Suicide From a Different Standpoint-Ashli Key (senior)- 2nd
“Growing Up” – Lanie Miller (senior)-3rd
“Are Children Receiving Too Many Awards?” Clara Licklider (freshman) 4th

Courier Top Review
“Milk and Honey”, Brooklyn Fye-1st
“Bohemian Rhapsody”, Hannah Plauschin (freshman)- 2nd
“The Grinch, this will change your holiday cheer!”Brooklyn Fye (senior)- 3rd

Courier Top Sports Article
Five More Minutes- By: Alex Myers (senior)- 1st
“Purdue: The Next Chapter of My Life”, Reece Rodabaugh (senior)- 2nd
“The Start of a Season”, Bella Panmei (sophomore)- 3rd
Why do students participate in Sports?- By: McKayla Thompson (junior) 4th

Courier Top News Stories
“Making a Change”- Katelyn Schreckenghaust (junior) 1st
“Lewis Cass High School’s New Principal”- Hannah Plauschin (freshman) 2nd
First Day Glitch – Lauren Hileman (junior)-3rd
“Lewis Cass Preschool Program” – Lanie Miller( senior)- 4th

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