Kyler Murray: The man of many options!


Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray playing football and baseball.

Have you ever had to make a very difficult decision in your life. If so think about that decision just ten times more difficult. That is what is Kyler Murray is going through. Kyler Murray was the 2018 Heisman trophy winner and possibly future first round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Kyler is also a former first round pick in the MLB to the Oakland Athletics. This means he now has to pick what he wants to do.


I will start with the NFL option. With this option he will make more money right away than he would in the MLB. The rookie contract in the NFL makes more money than minor leaguers. The football route is a lot easier than baseball because when a prospect gets drafted in the NFL he goes straight to the pros but, baseball you go to the minor leagues and may be down there for three to four maybe six years until you finally make it to the pros. Another reason for the football route is if he is bad, he can still find ways to get jobs in the league as a back up and still get paid in the millions, but if he is ends up not doing well in the minor leagues of the MLB, he can’t just find another job as a player in the league because no one will want him.


Now with the MLB option- There is multiple reasons showing why he should go to the MLB, and I will explain them. One is if he becomes a super star or even just a good player player in the league he would make more money than most great to good NFL quarterbacks. The second reason is the injury concern. In football there is a bigger chance of injury than in baseball. So if he gets an injury in football, he may not be the same because he is a running quarterback so if he gets hurt in the leg he may be done. Third is he gets a $5 million signing bonus with the Oakland Athletics so he gets a better signing bonus.


My opinion is that Kyler Murray should go to the NFL over baseball. I believe he can be a good NFL quarterback and do amazing things for the team that drafts him. He has the passing and running that the modern NFL loves like Russell Wilson does for the Seattle Seahawks. Both options are great for him and I believe in both ways he could be great. Maybe he can be like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson and play both baseball and football. We will just have to wait to see. It’s a tough decision for him but a decision that most people would love to have to make.

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