Going Back Home: Part 3


My birthday was on January 3rd, so my grandparents wanted to throw a party for I have not celebrated my birthday there and with my whole family for about 12 years. Everyone wanted a taste of American food so my parents had to work hard and long because no one else knew how to make deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken soup, and more. My cousins and I blew up the balloons and set up the many chairs. Prayer is really important back home so obviously there was going to be loads of people praying for me when the time was near. Gift exchange isn’t really big there, so for Christmas we did not really give or get anything this year. The most I received for my birthday in India was money and a traditional necklace. I did not mind not getting tons of gifts because I spent my two favorite holidays (Christmas and my birthday) with my family.

My grandparents (my dad’s parents) had their 50th anniversary when we were there so we had a big celebration. It was super fun because it took a couple days to get and set the decorations for it and each day was just exciting no matter what. It was like a community project because it is such a small town and everyone knows my grandparents so people sent over their sons, nephews and nieces, just everyone to help out and they themselves helped as well. We all ate there together and it was just a super fun experience. We ate the usual food we usually eat at home: rice with curry and sometimes salad or chutney (almost like super spicy hot sauce.) I had to say a speech in my mother tongue and it was super nerve-wrecking. Once I was done speaking, my whole family and I sang a song dedicated to them. It was such a fun but nervous experience.

We did a whole lot more in our time there but I think I have written quite a lot already haha. Of course, everyone was beyond excited to see each other again because we all live in different places. Some live in our hometown, some live in the city, another in a farther area of India, and we live in America…obviously. I truly did have a wonderful time and such a blast. My family and I cannot wait to go back and we’re really hoping we can visit again really soon. Coming back here was pretty hard because we all knew we would not see each other until after many more years so the waterworks never stopped. Not only that, but as well as having to come back to school weeks behind work and being terribly homesick at the same time did not make it any easier. Even though it has been a tiny rollercoaster since we got back, I am forever blessed and thankful to have seen my family again and all the memories I made will forever be cherished in my heart.

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