A Memorable Photoshoot

With My Best Friends


Friends can make everything better no matter what is happening. Being surrounded with people who can make the best of a situation is healthy and makes life that much better. It is more fun when a person is trying something for the first time with friends! On Sunday, August 11th, I went on my very first photoshoot with three of my bestest friends: McKayla Thompson, Olivia Shaffer, and Carley McCloskey. 

We had been thinking of meeting up with Sydney who took some of Mckayla’s senior pictures to take group pictures of us just for fun and to make memories. We had all met up at Mckayla’s house, and she drove us over to our meeting place with Sydney at a park in Kokomo. It was fun getting to the park because we did not really know where it was, so we were struggling with the directions and had a good laugh about it.  

Sydney goes to Northwestern and has had some experience in photography so we felt as if we were in good hands. “The gang” and I went and took some pictures on colorful, painted walls and even on an old, unused railroad track! It was so exhilarating and we almost lost a shoe here and there because of the big gaps on the tracks. 

Olivia, Bella, McKayla, and Carley pose for a photo at Foster Park.

The whole experience was kind of weird but exciting for me because I had never done a real photoshoot so I did not really know what to expect rather than to pose and take pictures. In my opinion, thinking of poses to do and getting the right angles would be so difficult for me to do, and I think that Sydney did such a good job with our pictures. I was very pleased with how my day went with my besties and the new memories we made. If anyone is considering to do a cool photoshoot just because, I totally recommend it because it was nothing serious and just tons of laughter and horsing around.

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