The Man Behind Lck Pep Club


The summer before Samuel Miller’s junior year of high school he made one of the biggest decisions of his young life: bring the pep club back from the dead at Lewis Cass. He knew he had to pass this through the administration just for getting ideas for people to show up. With such a big decision on his hands, he thought about it right before he went to sleep one night before school started. The next morning he sent email to administration.  

Samuel , since the beginning of junior high, knew he always wanted to be apart of the school’s paint crew and paint up every Friday for the football games. During this time he sat in the stands and saw the older kids painting up. “It looked like they really don’t care about it.” Samuel wanted to have the chance to make a change for the student section. 

So Samuel went and started the pep club and had the students of Lewis Cass come down to the auditorium at the beginning of his junior year to talk about the new club. The crowd was massive and it felt as if the whole town of Walton and Galveston was there to listen to Samuel’s new idea. It looked like everyone was onboard with the club, but that did not happen. Samuel had to think about other ways to get people’s decision to join. With that, he made lck_pep_ club for instagram and LCK_PepClub for Twitter. In my opinion, going to social media route was great for the club. The young people spend more time on their phones, so if they see a post on their feed with the theme for the game this Friday, they would most likely go rather than hearing a boring announcement in class and not go.

Samuel has put in hours of hard work for the club. So with these hours of work, the club has grown and finally more people are showing up to the games and gotten into the themes. 

He said the one thing he could add to the club would be “more people to show up and more people at the games to show more emotion to the game and all cheer for the teams.” 

Samuel would love if all of you come out this Friday to the football game and stand in the student section if your a student and before you leave go follow lck_pep_club on Instagram and LCK_ PepClub on Twitter so you can stay up with the themes each week and what is going on in the Lewis Cass sports world.

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