Gender Equality

Gender Equality

We have all experienced that time in elementary when a teacher would ask for two to three “strong” boys to help carry some items but never the GIRLS. Being a girl, nobody would ever look my way if they needed some heavy lifting done. Even though I look tiny, I can still carry the amount of materials the boys do. Not only can I, but so can many other overlooked girls. This is possible because girls CAN do what boys do too.  

Women were so overlooked and seen as the prey that they could not even vote until 1920! Men thought they were superior to all the other races, species, and gender. The 19th amendment was not passed by congress until 1920, but for decades before that many protests, strikes, and campaigns had been fighting for women’s rights and still are to this day for slightly different reasons. Just because women are the different gender does not mean we cannot do half of the events men are doing. For example, women can easily get into politics and out speak a man if needed. Politics is not just a man’s playground. 

Voting and working are big accomplishments and milestones which should not be granted permission by one gender for the other. Of course, gender equality means for both men and women to be treated the same; not only should men treat women fairly, but women should also not constantly bash on men. Apparently, men can do what women can not and vice versa. For example, a man cannot hit a woman without it being called abuse; whereas if a woman did so, it would be considered either playful or that the man probably deserved it. Both genders must treat each other equally without one gender thinking them to be more superior than the other. 

In addition to that, size and appearance should not matter. People have always been judged,have judged, strangers or anyone one encounters just by first glance. The inside means more than the outside. A person could be very appealing to the eye or look strong but have a rotten heart or weaker than expected. People underestimate someone just by seeing their height or weight. Plenty of tiny people can trump the bigger ones just as well as a lion can over power a mouse or like the story about David and Goliath. 

As well as all of this, catcalling seems to be a big problem too. Women just cannot seem to walk down a sidewalk without a creepy middle-aged man calling out unnecessary and inappropriate phrases. Of course, it could always be the other way around as well but the most common one is the latter. No one wants to be called after inappropriately especially if it’s just a daily stroll or on the way to an official business. It seems to me that so many women are trying to prove that they are worth and just as good as men are; women who chose the same profession as men who gets all the credit and praise will most likely try to be at the top of her game all the time to prove that a woman can also do the same thing, if not better. 

On the other hand, society and one’s mind can play a huge factor in all the lack of equality. A person believes in what his or her mind has been taught by society and in the early age. The more it is practiced, the more it is embedded in one’s mind. One person could have grown up their whole lives thinking one gender is far more superior than the other and act on it just because it has been forced into that one person’s mind since early on. This indicates that if we start teaching the little ones that boys and girls are equal starting now, sexism could most likely be reduced. Because the main point trying to be taught is that boys and girls can do the same things. 

In conclusion, men and women should be treated equally to help improve the mindset of what the society has embedded in everyone. Do not forget that we all as humans make up a society and change can be made starting from just one person. I am not a feminist but I am most definitely not a sexist either. Improvements that we have made so far can only get better from here if we choose to. Maybe one day I, or any girl, can be picked to help carry heavy materials too.