The Lewis Cass Boys Tennis Team Shows Improvement


The Lewis Cass boys tennis team’s season ended on Thursday, October 3, at Logansport.  I would say the team had a better season than expected. Improvement was a key factor for everyone on varsity and JV.  Last year I was on JV  at number two singles. This year I was at number three singles for varsity.  

First, I thought the season went well.  Everyone improved a ton over the course of the season. During the season, we had good matches and bad matches.  Logansport and Twin Lakes were tough matches for us. All the single players at those schools are good. The doubles teams were good too.  We defeated the likes of Rennasler, Hamilton Heights, Tippy Valley, and Carroll. My coaches and family members have told me that I have improved a ton over the last year.  I like hearing those responses to how I have been playing this year. Our first year players weren’t bad either. Ethan Johnson, Nolan Young, Blaine Rudd, Jack Miller, Noah Preston, Rye Ellington, and Jensen Burrous all were good by the end of the season.  Jensen was on varsity his first year of playing tennis pairing up with Dominic Gilbert at doubles two.

Next, CJ Burrous and Brent Johnson enjoyed their final seasons on the tennis team.  I am glad that I played tennis and I got to know them better. Brent was paired with David Woolever at doubles one.  They started off the season well by winning at the Cass Invitational. CJ was singles one for varsity. Jack Salyers and I are both sophomores.  Jack was singles two and I was singles three for varsity. I think that Coach Hurst, Coach Smith, and Coach Scarta all did fantastic jobs coaching and teaching us this season.  We didn’t have Coach Smith last year for JV. So all JV really did during practice was just drill with the managers. So now that I was varsity, I actually did drills that helped during matches.  

Then, the time for the Logansport Sectional came around.  Last week on Monday during the Sectional Draw, we drew Carroll in the first round.  We worked as hard as we could on Tuesday night at practice to get ready for Wednesday night.  We arrived to Logansport on Wednesday night and we were locked in on warming up that night. We knew we could beat Carroll since we had already done so earlier in the season.  But, the match wasn’t all easy. Brent and David would come up short and lost their match. CJ and Jack had dominant wins at the singles positions. For me and doubles two, we both went into third set matches. Jensen, Dominic, and I would all win our matches.  I would say that for us three that that was our best match of the season. Both matches were about 2 ½ hours long. I even had to take my shades off because it was getting too dark. After defeating Carroll 4-1, we moved onto Thursday night against Logansport for the second round of Sectionals.  We went into this match thinking that we could pull it off and beat Logansport. We had a close match with them at the beginning of the season. They beat us 2-3. I had completely forgotten how much of a slice shot that the guy I played had on his forehand. We would end up getting beat 0-5.

In conclusion, this was a great season for everyone.  I really think everyone improved this year. I am very glad that I got to be apart of a great team of dudes.  That is one thing I love about sports; it can make new friendships with people. Before this season, I didn’t really know Nolan Young.  Now after the season is over, Nolan and I are good friends. I’m gonna miss playing with Brent and CJ. They made the season a lot of fun.  I’m ready to see what next season will bring for me and the rest of the team. Maybe I can move up to singles two next year.

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