Eighth Grade Sports


The junior high football team consisting of L.J. Hillis (quarterback), Wyatt Loos (left wing), Dalton Lowe (right wing), Wyatt Orpurt (alternate), Cooper Frey (fullback), Garret Helvie (wideout), Whyatt Albaugh (left tackle), Clayton Hale (left guard), Kaden Benner (center), Joseph Estrada (right guard), Elijah Lambert (Randy, right tackle), Jay Saint-Clare (tight end), Paxton Binion (alternate). The football team was defeated by Western. The score was forty-six to eight. Our touchdown was scored by L.J. Hillis on a quarterback keeper to the right side. The two-point conversion was scored by Cooper Frey with a run up the middle. By the end of the game, all the players were tired and beat up, hanging their heads low on the way to the locker room.

The junior high volleyball team played against Rossville, the first game was a quick painful fatality that ended in a loss of the game. The second game started off pretty rough, but through hard work and determination, they started to make a comeback. The team started to score with great teamwork through bumps, sets, and successful hits and tips from outside hitters. The set finally ended with a nine-point streak served by Nia Maroney, but eventually ended with a score of nineteen to twenty-five for the second set. The Lady Kings volleyball team consists of Nia Maroney, Danica Davis, Maci Garland, Faith Helvie, Dixie Wagoner, Abbey Hileman, Sarah Cicalo, Kylie Knapp, Maria Reed, EmmaLee Jessie, Haley Miller, Kerri Hendrixson, and Kendall Hlebasko as the manager.


Writers – Cooper Frey, Kaden Benner

Photographer – Kylee Bullick

Editors – Connor Walker, Christian Lincoln