Oil Bombing


     In September 14, 2019, drone attacked Saudi Arabia’s main oil installations. Arabia accused Iran for the attacked. Claimed by Yemen’s Houthi,  Arabia was furious. Two rebels struck two key oil installations inside Saudi Arabia, disrupting what processes the country’s output risking the world’s oil supplies. Saudi Arabia has the world’s largest oil processing factory and know as  a major oil field and oil exporter, poorest countries in Iraq worlds have taken responsibilities from the attack of the war against Saudi-led coalition. 

      The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, posted a tweet saying,‘’there is no evidence that the attack came from Yemen.” The U.S blamed Iran. The main question is where did the drones come from? Where were they launched? How did they manage to hit deep in Saudi territory? There was less than 3 percent of global supplies, the drone knocked out half of the U.S oil supplies. The drone attack led to a fire causing eruption, five point seven million burrows include the supplies. Yahia’s Arie said, “the rebels launched 10 drones after receiving ‘’intelligence” support from those inside the kingdom.” Yahia said if the war continues, the attack by the rebels would only get worse.