7th Grade Open Gym, Weights, and Conditioning


The past month, 6th through 12th grade have had open gym and weights and conditioning.  In weights and conditioning, the people who have participated have been running one mile a day. Then, they go to the weight room to stretch. Some of the stretches that are done are for arms and legs. Some days in open gym they run drills. After running some drills, they play games first to seven, which is five versus five. The winning team keeps playing until they lose. First, ten people get to play then, the people who did not play, pick a few players to be on their team. The seventh graders who are in the open gym are Nolan Hines, Nolan Hahn, Drew Sailors, Bryce Rudd, Wade Tocco, and Griffin Wolf. The people who run weights and conditioning are Kyle Johnson and Eric Branz. The coaches do not care how long it takes they just want you to finish the mile. It does not matter whether it is open gym or weights and conditioning they just want you to get it done and go at your own pace. They do pace them, but if they start to struggle with it they let them go to a good steady pace comfortable for them. The times for weights and conditioning are 3:00 to 4:30. The times for open gym are 3:00 to 5:00. They do not lift weights yet but they stretch for a while including doing push ups, sit ups, and pull ups. The days these happen are Monday through Thursday.  That is what is done in open weights and conditioning and open gym.