The War in Afghanistan


         For the past eighteen years, there has been a raging war between the U.S and Afghanistan. This war has been named the War in Afghanistan. The war all began after 9-11. President George Bush declared this war and citizens had no doubt to follow the president’s orders because of the past terrifying events that happened in New York not too long before that. The war kicked off with bombing in Canada, Australia, Germany, and France. All four of these countries soon pledged their support to the future events of the war. Operation Anaconda was the first major ground war between the U.S and Afghanistan. 

        Later in 2002, President George Bush declared a reconstruction of Afghanistan. In 2003, there was a declare for major combat to be resolved. In 2004, Afghanistan got a constitution. It was all nice and peaceful, up until July of 2006. It was a very hot month and there was fighting everywhere in Afghanistan. During these hot summer days, violence increased with intense fighting that erupted in the south. In 2007, a military commander was killed during an operation. The groups involved were Afghan, U.S., and  NATO, which were all deployed in the south of Afghanistan. In 2008, Afghan and the U.S. investigated to find the errant fire from a U.S. gunship that killed dozens of Afghan civilians. 

         In 2009, President Barack Obama announced his plan to send seventeen thousand troops to the war zone. Later on, in 2009, Barack Obama announces his new strategy for war effort linking the success in Afghanistan to a stable Pakistan. Senior U.S. military officials and commanders altered course for the administration. They called NATO nations to supply non-military assets to Afghanistan. In 2010, General Stanley McChrystal is relieved from the post as commander of the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Later on, in 2009, a summit in Lisbon caused NATO members to sign a declaration agreeing to hand over full responsibility for security.

         The war in Afghanistan is still continuing today, even though the war is not as eventful as it was a couple of years ago. U.S troops still get deployed, but they do not have to worry as much as they would if they were deployed ten years ago.