7th grade Cheerleading


Cheerleading is a sport loved by many. Cheerleading involves a lot of motions such as tumbling, dancing, jumping, cheering, and stunting. Cheerleading is a team sport that is very athletic. It started November 2, 1898. It can involve young men and young women. Cheerleading involves routines that need practiced weekly, the practices are about two hours long.

They dress up in color coordinated uniforms to add spirit to the sport. Being apart of a cheerleading team represents and honors either the school or the team. Cheerleaders do a lot of vocal chanting, as well as acrobatic stunts. Cheerleading is a popular sport across the country. Pom-poms were originally invented in the 1930’s and were originally called pom-pons. Males started off cheerleading and it wasn’t until 1923 that women were allowed to cheer for the first time. 

In the 1920’s the cheerleaders joined small groups and wasn’t until the 40’s that they started forming larger groups of them. They promoter their school and communities, they also support other athletics. Cheerleaders are the development of athletic skills, leadership, and teamwork. They are in between the average ages of seven to eighteen.