Fun to be Drug Free


This week the SADD officers and class representatives went over to the elementary to talk about red ribbon week and the effects drugs have on everyone’s lives. SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. Hannah Young is President and Mckayla Thompson is Vice President so they led two different groups into two different classes of fifth graders. Surprisingly, the fifth graders we visited knew way more than we gave them credit for. They knew the harm drinking and smoking could lead to and how it can also affect other people who are near drinkers and smokers. 

We played bingo and gave candies for prizes. Since we were not entirely prepared, we had to improvise with a lot of what we did. I was in Mckayla’s group along with Clara Licklider, Karleigh Frame, and Miki Klute. Mckayla eventually had to read off the kids’ cards to help them get bingos rather than calling random names off cards. Young’s group consisted of David Woolever, Isabelle Woolever, Malloreigh Clippard, and Hannah Plauschin. After we met up with the elementary kids and were on our way back to the high school, we talked about our experiences and point of view on what happened in the rooms. We all shared funny stories and what surprised us the most like how smart the kids were. 

Overall, I believed it was a fun and impactful visit. Many of the fifth graders were exhilarated just by seeing us walk in and could not wait for what was to come ahead. I hope there will be more like this and that fun opportunities to become closer with the future generations to come. Red ribbon week is very important because it helps raise awareness to many who are trapped to these poisons and do not want others to fall victim to it as well.