Why I think socialism will never work

Why I think socialism will never work

I think socialism will never work in America. Socialism does not help the economy at all. For one thing, it doesn’t cohere with basic human behavior. Socialism ignores human incentives. In a capitalist economy, incentives are important. Capitalism is based on a thought that incentives matter. A system where everything is owned by the state, where there is no profits or market prices, and has no or little incentives. It is against human behavior, so it is deemed to fail.

Another thing socialists want is a universal basic income system. This sounds amazing right? You get a certain amount of money each month from the government. The amount of taxes you have to pay will go up. I really do not want to be for someone sitting on their bottom; do you? Plus, cost of goods might go up because companies, or the government, will know you have a certain amount of money.

Socialism also stunts economic growth. If you have the government deciding prices of things and jobs, the economic growth would be minimal or none at all.

Some people argue,”Well it worked in Norway or Sweden.” These countries aren’t socialist countries. They are just free market economies with high taxes to give government programs. Socialists also go for socialized healthcare. That is also a bad idea. The quality of healthcare would go down the drain. The average wait-time to receive treatment is way higher than the U.S. Another reason socialism will fail is it depends on the person in power. The person in power makes the decisions. The decisions can be disastrous to the economy. Socialism wants equality for everyone. It is more like equality of misery. Everyone will be miserable. To end this article, do you know how the U.S got to where it is today? It became this great because of a free market economy.

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