Case of the Fox



In a village that is shrouded by trees there was a woman who had a pet fox, this was an abandoned red fox, that the woman had found near her house. The woman adopted and has  taken care of the fox which became very attached to her. One day the village people were surprised when the fox was not following her around while she was shopping and doing other chores. When asked by the other people that saw her, she said, “The fox was sick.”  As she did her shopping she purchased ingredients to make the fox soup. This made the oher people suspicious, so they went to the house and found out she was telling the truth and they left.

The fox was so frightened after the villagers’ visit that it ran off to hide causing the woman to go out and find the fox. When she found the fox she was shocked and furious because the fox had found a skull that was buried in the backyard. This skull was no ordinary skull. It was the skull of a human that the woman had buried it to hide the evidence from when she “accidentally” murdered her husband. She had done the deed because her husband did not like foxes and was going to kill her new-found friend, plus she was already attached to the fox. Also her husband was against many other things she wanted and she was fed up with him always saying no.

When the fox found the skull the woman ran and got her husband’s hatchet and slam it in the fox’s head. When she finally realized what had happened she ran and got a box to bury the foxes’ body so no one would notice what had happened. What she did not know was that the fox was very mad at the moment of this tragedy, that through determination and will the fox became a ghost. Now, as a ghost the fox is stuck wearing the skull but it reminds the fox that he needs to get revenge. So as soon as the woman buried the body, the fox the ghost followed her back waiting for when other people come over to show up as a ghost and make them realize the woman’s crime.

This proved to be a long and time consuming task since the fox could not move farther away from its body and was stuck in the house and the forest area. This time made the fox realize that instead of vengeance what if it instead helped anyone or anything else in the village that was in trouble and had a better goal in the after life. This thought turned into a reality and after helping many people the villagers started to think there was a god or spirit around and followed the foxes trail to it’s burial site. This lead to them leaving offerings at the tree for the fox. Eventually, the woman’s crimes caught up with her and she was sent to prison. The woman’s trial lasted two days before she was sentenced to life in prison. During this time the fox continued with helping others. Becoming a beacon to the villagers that showed no matter what it is always better to do good then seek vengeance.

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