Kings’ Courier Bests- 1st Semester

After an article has been reviewed six times, the article is placed in one of the six Top Courier categories: news, sports, student life, feature, opinion, and review. At the end of the semester, each Courier staff member then selects the top three articles in each category. Below are the results for the Best Courier articles.

Best Student Life: “One Last Ride” by Cayl Garland; Runner-up: “Could you show up for once?” by Samuel Miller

Best News Article: “Red for ed” by Katelyn Shreckenghaust; Runner-up “Steak N Shake’s Financial Problems” by C.J. Burrous

Best Review:  Tis the season to watch movies” by Clara Licklider; Runner-up- “Disney+ An Ode to our childhood” by Samuel Miller

Best Opinion: “I am who I say I am,” by Samuel Miller;  Runner-up-“Are you Christmasing too early” by Cayl Garland

Best Feature: “The man behind the pep club” by Jack Salyers; Runner-up-“The end of an era” by Bella Panmei

Best Sports Articles (Tie): “Kings take down Berries in county championship” By Enoch Hines;  “The Forgotten Men on the Front Lines” by Cayl Garland

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