This Week in Football

This Week in Football

This past week of NFL football playoffs was amazing for the viewers of the game. With exciting games being played on both the east coast and west coast, high scoring games, a number one seed losing, and a sixth seed made it to a conference championship. Each game was great in their own ways, and each game was very different from the rest.


The six seeded Tennessee Titans led by Derrick Henry are heading to Arrowhead Stadium to face off against the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC Championship this 

Sunday. Both teams are very special on offense in different ways. The Titans are a power run team and are going to try to keep the ball away from league MVP Patrick Mahomes the most they can. On the other hand, Kansas City runs an aggressive pass offense that can put up big numbers if their opponents lets them. Tennessee is coming off two huge wins by beating New England and Baltimore in back to back weeks, so they are a team to be afraid of in the playoffs. Kansas City just came back from being down 24 to the Houston Texans and ended that game winning by 20 points, 51-31. So who is going to win this battle and make their way to Miami for the Super Bowl? 


My pick for this game is the Kansas City Chiefs beating Tennessee 35-27. The score will be closer than it looks in my opinion. I feel like Chiefs will have the lead the whole game and just have the momentum the whole game. I have this pick because of the higher power offense they have  and all the weapons they have. The Titans will have to worry about tight end Travis Kelce, who had a monster game against the Texans with ten catches, 134 yards, and a big three touchdown game. Tennessee also has to guard Tyreek Hill, and Sammy Watikins on the outside. The Titans had a nice season but they won’t be able to hold up against the new greatest show on turf. 


Next, is two historic franchises in the Green Bay Packers versus the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship. Both teams ended the season on a 13-3 record but the 49ers will have the home field advantage. The 49ers are a very balanced team with a good offense and a great defensive and defensive line. Green Bay has a good bend but don’t break defensive and an elite QB in Aaron Rodgers. This game should be close most of the time.


My pick for this game is the San Francisco 49ers beating the Green Bay Packers 27-24 in a tight game. I picked the 49ers because they are the more consistent and balanced team against the Packers. This game can go either way, but if I had to put money on it, that money would go on the 49ers. I believe that this will be the game of the weekend. 


To conclude with my predictions, this week of football should be a blast for the fans. We should expect some great football coming out of the AFC and the NFC this Sunday for Championship Weekend. This is where legends are born so don’t be surprised if someone on one of these four teams to have a historic performance to take their team to the Super Bowl 54. With a statement win this weekend, it could give one of these teams the confidence of winning the Lombardi Trophy.

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