Upcoming Seasons

Upcoming Seasons

Sports are a huge part of high schools and a good representation for countries. All kinds of sports can help bring people together and make new friendships that most likely would not have been formed if it had not been for that particular sport. Sports not only bring people together but the community as well. For example, the Olympics, which has been going on since April 6, 1896, brought so many people together not just from the same community/country but from around the world as well. Naturally, rivalry and jealousy occur but the overpowering love for the sport one does helps keep it at bay. 

Many people get riled up and so invested in sports that they’re passionate about; this can really help the athletes because it gives them another reason for why they do what they love to do. Of course to excel, one must have extreme determination and persistence amongst other characteristics. Having a good work-ethic, passion, and the drive to do better and be better makes all the difference for athletes and the coaches guiding the athletes. As of right now, the sports in season are swimming, basketball, and wrestling. Each sport has been pushing to their max ability and have really come through based off of their latest meets and games. The upcoming seasons are track, softball, baseball, golf, and tennis. Most of these sports are going through conditioning right now to get ready for the big season. 

I run track so therefore I have been attending the track conditionings that have been held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday with other track athletes. Conditionings are being held for the spring athletes who do not participate in a winter sport. This can also be a really helpful factor in getting us athletes, who have not had as much physical activity since the last sporting event, back in shape and ready as ever for the upcoming season. The conditioning practices are not mandatory but would really help benefit the athlete to attend so that not much will be missed when mandatory practices officially start. 

As of right now, track conditioning has been going on for almost a month now, including other sports, whereas some sports are just now starting their conditioning. Obviously, athletes and coaches want to improve from last year and learn how to better themselves then work for it. Training can sometimes be gruesome because athletes really need to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and to fight the pain. That may not sound so difficult for some people but it is way easier said than done. I for one was adamant that “fighting the pain” and “pushing ourselves” would not be that difficult but boy was I wrong. It will only ever feel easy if one does not do the work properly. No matter how skilled one can be or how strong/fast an athlete is, workouts are still going to stay difficult only to push ourselves past our limits and to stay a step ahead of our opponents. So wish us luck for a successful season and a strong team this year. Don’t forget to come out and cheer all the sports on during their events!

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