Jewish Holidays and the Star of David

Jewish Holidays and the Star of David

The Diary of Anne Frank can give us an insight about how much suffering the Jews faced during the Holocaust. During class, we watched the movie about it and it really helped us to understand their misery. During the Holocaust, they were forced to wear the Star of David to show that they were Jews. Jewish holidays are unique in their own way.

While I was researching this project, I found that some Jewish holidays are similar to our holidays. For example, Sukkot is kind of like our Thanksgiving. Sukkot is a week long celebration where feasts are held. Jews celebrate Sukkot in celebration of the way God protected them under difficult desert conditions on their way to the promised land. Another example of Jewish holidays being similar to our holidays is Rosh Hashanah. In my opinion Rosh Hashanah is similar to our New Year. During Rosh Hashanah, families and friends gather and share sweet treats as well as recite prayers near naturally flowing water. This is done to signify the throwing of one’s sins away.

One way that Jewish holidays are unique is that there are three different types of holidays. These three types are Biblical Holidays, Rabbinic Holidays, and Post-Rabbinic Holidays. Biblical Holidays are holidays that are mentioned in the Torah (the Jewish Bible). Rabbinic Holidays are holidays that are festivals that were created by the rabbis of the Rabbinic Period. Post-Rabbinic Holidays are holidays which mark significant events that occurred during the course of more recent Jewish history.

The Star of David is an important symbol of Judaism. The Star of David Consists of two equilateral triangles overlapping. Each point on the triangles represents something. On one of the triangles the three points represent God, Man, and the World. On the other triangle the points represent Creation, Revelation, and Redemption. During the Holocaust Jews were forced to wear the Star of David on all pieces of their clothing so they could always be identified as Jewish.

Jewish holidays are unlike any other holidays. Even though the holidays are an important part of the Judaism religion, there are still more important parts of the religion, such as the Star of David. In some ways Jewish holidays are similar to other religious holidays outside of Judaism, but they are mostly independent from any other holidays in the world. Because of their incomparable origins Jewish holidays are a special part of any Jewish culture. All of these holidays hold a major part in all Jewish lives.