Nazi Party

Nazi Party

   In English class, we read and watched, “The Diary of Anne Frank.” It was about Anne Frank and her family growing up while hiding from the Nazi’s. The Nazi Party was in control of Germany. The Nazi Party was very powerful and had a terrible impact on the world because they were behind the act of killing Jews. The Nazi Party was a national socialism group in Germany. It was active during World War II and was active between 1920 and 1945. The Nazi Party was actually called Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German, but it was translated to National Socialist German Workers Party in English.

     Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. It started in Bavaria, Germany. The Nazis became powerful pretty fast. In 1929, The Great Depression occurred and everybody was losing their jobs. The Nazi Party then started criticizing the government. They started winning multiple elections, then they won the final election and Hitler became the chancellor. The party banned all other political parties. They started building concentration after the Enabling Act. 

     The Enabling Act was made on March 23, 1933. It provided the key legal basis for Hitler’s dictatorship. The cabinet had no control over Hitler. The Nazi Party started taking over a bunch of things in Germany. Some things they took over were the police and the news.

     The Nazi Party was related to a book we read in class called “ The Diary of Anne Frank.” In the book, Anne’s whole family was hiding from the Gestapo (The green police). It was related to the Nazi Party because they controlled the Gestapo. It was also related because the Nazi Party was the reason World War II started. The Nazi Party was important to the world. It showed how people affected this world. They affected the world badly. It was one of the key historic events in Germany and in the world. It showed how people reacted to World War II. It also showed how the Great depression affected people.

      Adolf Hitler also commented about his political beliefs. In one of his quotes from a letter to a soldier in Reichswehr, he said, “Its final objective, however, must be the total removal of all Jews from our midst. Both objectives can only be achieved by a government of national strength and not one of national impotence…” In this quote, I

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