The Endemic That Became a Pandemic


The big talk of the year is about the CoronaVirus, also known as COVID19. At first, the virus was not something to be worried about and everyone joked about it here and there. Now that the disease has entered other countries instead of just one particular region, people are getting anxious,  stocking up, cancelling events, and being over aware of a single cough from one person, etc. Corona and racist jokes have dialed down now that the spread of the virus has entered more countries and continents instead of a particular area. The positives I heard over the radio was that gas prices have lowered, but the negative was also that gas prices have lowered. Usually, low gas prices does not always necessarily mean the best news. Concerts are being cancelled, necessary items are getting out of stock, schools are being shut down, and now the track meet last Saturday was cancelled: the particular event we have been working up to since the beginning of the season.

Last year, our first meet for track was not until months after the start of the season, but our first meet for this year was merely a month from the beginning of track. Our team has been grinding and been in beast mode since even before the season had started, and we were all beyond prepared for the indoor meet at Indiana Wesleyan University. Since the meet is cancelled, our alternative will be having an intersquad meet within our own team. An intersquad meet is when two or more groups from the same athletic team disperse and compete against each other as we would in a regular meet. Team captains are Emily Tigler and McKayla Thompson, seniors at Lewis Cass and very close friends of mine. Odessa Vest, a junior at Lewis Cass who runs both distance and sprints for our team, stated that, “I was disappointed that the meet got canceled because I wanted to see where I would be in terms of the events I was put in for the season. I wanted to know where I stood against the other girls so I was bummed out that I couldn’t get that experience.” We are not quite certain of the prizes the winning team will receive, but my teammates and I are both excited and ready to compete with each other. 

Competing with each other this Saturday will not be a huge difference from practices because we are all strong and competitive athletes that the intersquad meet will just be an intensified practice. Everyone has a great work-ethic and all have a different strength that the other does not have that can be used to their advantage. Since we already compete with each other during practices, whether we realize it or not, this Saturday should not be any different than any other day with each other.

 Coach Carlton, our head coach, said, “It is unfortunate that we are not able to run, but we understand that it is about safety and keeping universities out of liability as well as making sure that we have an entire track season to run instead of just wasting it in March.” In addition to that, he added that this year will be fun for us and that we are a strong team capable of whatever we put our mind into and work for it. 

Overall, everyone is pretty bummed out about the meet being cancelled, but we know the cancellation was for the best of everyone’s safety and allows us to have more training time to be better and prepared for next time. Madison Rodabaugh, a junior at Lewis Cass and sprinter for our team, stated that, “I believe that our team has a lot of talent for this season. Everyone’s competing against everyone for a spot as a varsity runner, and that is what our coachs love to see. Although the meet got cancelled and we are all bummed out, it just makes us hungry for the next meet. I am excited to see us excel this year and can’t wait to see what accomplishments this team will make as this season is coming along!” So if you’re feeling a little under the weather, please think of others and stay home! Rest up so that when our next meet occurs, you’ll be there to cheer on the Kings ;)!