Mrs. Karmel- Impact Teacher for Hannah Young


Melanie Karmel: my teacher, my coach, my mentor, and my second mother. Mrs. Melanie Karmel has been a major part of my life since she moved to the Galveston area as I entered second grade. From there, our relationship formed into one I never knew I needed. Thanks to this extraordinary woman, I have learned how to become a better athlete, student, and overall better person.

Over a decade ago, Coach Karmel had the crazy idea to throw me into the pool and treat me like one of her own daughters. Through many hours spent in pools all over the state and in hotel rooms that smelt like maple syrup, Karmel was teaching me life lessons that reached beyond how to dive in the pool or do a flip turn. She taught me how to work hard, how to set goals for myself, and how to be disciplined. These traits can be seen weaved into any of past and present sports, classes, and clubs. 

Perhaps even more important, Karmel taught me how to always live life to the fullest  while treating everyone around me with the utmost care and respect. From Mrs. Karmel I learned to be a nicer, more compassionate person. She is a selfless woman, always willing to give up her time and parts of her to help anyone in need. If one ever takes the time to observe Mrs. Karmel in any setting, she would find that these characteristics are no stretch from her true high character.

            Thanks to Melo, I am the success that I am today. She molded me into a leader in the classroom, in the pool, and on the track. Melo never let me off easy, and she definitely never gave me any free rides on the path to my success. Mrs. Karmel pushed me to want to become a doctor and not settle for anything less for myself even when I wanted to, but Melo means even more to me than all of these things. She acted as my second mother as well. Over the years I have been a part of many family dinners, sleep overs, and pool parties at her home. 

         While our time together in the pool has ended, I will always cherish the memories and fun we have had over the years. I will miss most the big, ear-to-ear smile on Melo’s face when I walk through the halls. Of all the lives that this amazing woman has touched, I am beyond lucky to say she has touched mine too. To my teacher, to my coach, to the strongest woman I know, to the person who will always be more than just another person in my life, thank you. 


With lots of love,

Han Ban

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