NFL Draft 2020


Action, movement, and dreams all came true during the NFL draft for incoming rookies entering the league. April 23th-25th ,the National Football League held its annual draft of college prospects and other prospects around the globe. Due to the spread of COVID-19 around our nation, the NFL decided to hold their first ever virtual draft with Commissioner Goodell announcing the picks from his basement. I am always very excited to watch this event every year but with circumstances we have presented to us this year with great talent and less action in the sports world than ever, I was ready to sit on my couch for these three days. 


The talent of this class is amazing in my personal opinion. The talent is coming from both sides of the ball with elite QBs to defensive ends that will make an impact immediately on their team success. This class also presents the best wide receiver class since the 2014 that offered us the likes of Odell Beckman Jr. and Mike Evans. The wide receivers that make this class great is Alamaba’s Jerry Judy and Henry Ruggs also with Oklahoma’s amazing talent in Ceedee Lamb. Those three men bring three different playing styles as well with Ruggs going downfield with his elite speed, Judy with amazing route running comparable to former all pro Antonio Brown, and Lamb with his all around ability to make plays with the football. This class brought great talent but with such a great class there will always be winners and losers. 


The draft class of 2020 has had many winners in my opinion starting with the Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals. The Indianapolis Colts had a wonderful draft even without a first round pick. Indianpolis brought in new weapons for the recently signed Philip Rivers to give the ball to. Those pics were USC wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. and Wisconsin’s running back Jonthan Taylor ,both solid picks in the second round. Taylor and Pittman will be great number two guys at their positions. Also drafting a QB for the future with Jacob Eason from Washington was a great move in the future so Indy will have a backup after Rivers is gone. Next are the Cowboys and Bengals improving their rosters very well with both picking steals in the draft by selecting Ceedee Lamb for the Cowboys and Tee Higgins for the Bengals. The Cincinnati Bengals also had the number one pick and made the right decision with drafting Joe Burrow. The LSU QB was the correct pick because in my opinion Burrow is an elite thrower of the football by hitting all spots of the field and by taking speed of the ball to make the ball more catchable for his receivers. If Burrow is having success that also means that his recervier core is too .Last is the Chargers selecting their franchise QB in Justin Herbert out of Oregon. Herbert is a big kid coming out of Oregon who has the arm strength to make all the throws and the athleticism to run with the ball when pressured. Herbert ,in my opinion,  will be the best in this class due to the team he was selected by and his talent throwing the ball and running with it. 

With winners in a game, a loser must come with it. My losers for the draft of 2020 are the Packers, Eagles, and Giants. Starting with the Packers, they have recently come off a loss in the NFC Conference Championship game and what do they do with a first round pick people may ask. Green Bay drafted a backup QB for the next four years by sitting behind Aaron Rodgers during that time. The Eagles also picked a backup QB in the second round by selecting Jalen Hurts.The Hurts pick was strange because of Wentz injury past but the massive contract he was coming with. The Giants were also a loser for not picking the great defensive player of Isiah Simmons and decided to work on the offensive line. The pick was good for the offensive but defensively in the NFC East they will have to match up against the Cowboys who recently added Ceedee Lamb and the Eagles who added another wide receiver to its core.  It was not a great three days for those franchises.


The NFL draft was very fun to watch and enjoy during this three- day span to take our minds off of the coronavirus and bring us back to sports. The draft is a great way to spend time with our families regardless if your a football fan or not. I wish the best of luck to all incoming rookies and I hope they all make the best of it.

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