NCAA Basketball Season Review

The NCAA basketball season ended earlier than expected. Although it didn’t end the way everyone wanted it to with a March Madness, it was still a great season. Many teams among Kansas, Dayton, Baylor, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke, and more had hopes of winning the tournament this year but did not have a chance too because of it being cancelled. 


I understand the decision to cancel it but it is just very disappointing. Some seniors who had great careers just ended like that with no chance to prove anything in the Ncaa Tournament. These players include Payton Pritchard (Baylor), Markus Howard(Marquette), Myles Powell(Seton Hall), Udoka Azubuike(Kansas), Anthony Cowan(Maryland), Lamar Stevens(Penn State), Casius Winston(Michigan State) and many more.


 Cassius Winston in my opinion is the best of these seniors because of him showing consistency in winning, scoring, passing, teamwork, and his all around game. He has proven he can come up big and lead the team even when key players are out. He has also played several games in hard circumstances such as playing multiple games with knee tendinitis, bone bruise in knee, ankle sprain, and playing in a game under 24 hours of his brothers. passing, In that game he still got 17 points and 11 assists in just 26 minutes as well as the win. 


Many seniors mean a lot to their team as well. Markus Howard and Myles Powell were great players at the college level and mean a lot to their universities. It was a hard time for every fan to see the season end the way it did. Markus Howard and Myles Powell averaged 27 and 22 points respectively this season. Myles Powell also led Seton Hall to a 21-9 record this season against high level talent. His best game of the season was against Michigan State where he scored 37 points on 43 percent from the three in a 3 point loss. Markus Howard had a 51 point game in a win against USC where he shot 58 percent from the field and 53 percent from the three point line. 


Personally I had Kansas, a surprise pick in Providence, Dayton, Penn State, Oregon, Seton Hall, Louisville, and Michigan State in the elite eight. ( I used ESPN Bracketology to do my predictions.) I predicted one seeded Kansas would beat Providence pretty handily, Obi Toppin and Dayton bring their A game against Penn State and take that one to push them in the final four. Seton Hall would come through crunch time against Oregon as Myles Powell has proved he is very clutch. Michigan State would find a way to beat Louisville as they do.


In the Final Four I think Dayton would struggle in the pressure because of their lack of big games and tough schedule and Kansas would take that one. I think Michigan State would overpower Seton Hall in the rematch in a very close game. Seton Hall’s lack of a second superstar compared to Xavier Tillman of Michigan State and their inability to be able to guard Cassius Winston would propel Michigan State to the title game. 


In the Title Game I believe Kansas would start out hot with their great shooting but eventually slow down because of Michigan State’s great defense with Aaron Henry, Rocket Watts, and anchor Xavier Tillman. Cassius Winston would get hot as well as another double double by Tillman which would be his 13th of the year. The game would slow down and come to guard play between Cassius Wisnton and Devon Dotson. There I think WInston would outplay Dotson and lead Michigan State to the victory.

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