If Corona Didn’t Exist…


Naturally, being quarantined has not been easy for most if not all of us. Many people have or still are struggling with their mental health and others are financially in debt because of certain jobs being put off for the time being. The ones who saved up for vacationing in the summer or had an important event they were looking forward to during this time will unfortunately have to either cancel or hold it off until it is safe again. Most have even brought it upon themselves to “fight” for their rights of free land or freedom and are not taking heed to doctor’s warnings. Some are still not taking this seriously causing others to pay the consequence for it. I have seen posts on social media of people exclaiming that people won’t take this pandemic seriously until it happens to them which is so true. None of my family has retracted this virus, thankfully, but we don’t want to risk each other’s lives so we certainly took this quarantine event seriously. Listed below are only a tiny fraction of actions that could have taken part if it were not for COVID-19.

If corona didn’t exist, I could be grinding at track practices with my amazing team. If corona didn’t exist, the seniors could have their final year and leave with a bang. If corona didn’t exist, many forever couples could be tying the knot by now. If corona didn’t exist, so many more incredible souls could still be thriving to this day. If corona didn’t exist, our lives would not be at pause. If corona didn’t exist, there would not be as many families mourning the loss of a dearly loved one. If corona didn’t exist, I could have reunited with my wonderful family in India. The list does not stop there, but sadly, Corona DOES exist; therefore, we must think of the benefits of the unfortunate pandemic happening. 

Because of corona, our environment and nature is healing by itself. Less pollution activity has been recorded and oxygen levels have gone up. Most people already know of the positive effects in the world’s climate, but in addition to all that, corona could potentially bring a new light to the human eye. Our eyes are slowly but surely opening one by one. We all thought that the COVID-19 was the virus to end us all when we have been the virus all along. Our actions have brought us here and it is our actions that will get us out of this situation. 

I am sure so many of you are tired of hearing of this coronavirus on the news or reading articles about it, but imagine actually having the virus or losing someone to it. Think of all the times you had a paper cut and you put germ-x on. The burn hurts so bad but it goes away eventually. How about having a blister or a blocked nose? When one of our nostrils is blocked, we really think about how we took the ability to breathe freely from both nostrils for advantage, but it goes away eventually. Has anyone ever imagined themselves in a scenario where we were put in the hospital for “saving someone” in our daydreams but then stub their toes and that imagination quickly vanishes? Because we wouldn’t actually be able to handle the pain and suffering of, say for an example, a gunshot wound when we can’t handle our toe throbbing for a couple seconds. Pros and cons exist for any scenario and the Coronavirus may have halted our lives for now, but let us not let it halt our future.

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