Spooky, Scary Phenomenon

Recently, I got into a long discussion about ghosts and whether or not they are real. Now, I am in no position to accurately inform you folks reading this that ghosts are, in fact, real or fake. I personally do not believe in them, or any supernatural entities for that matter, but I have had one and only one entirely unexplainable ´paranormal´ phenomena that would be considered, by most people, a ghost sighting. So, in light of the spooky season and the fact that everyone can relate to a good ghost story, I feel obligated to share my one and only experience with the supernatural.


Lord only knows what day this was, but it was a fall night at the old house on Spear Street in Logansport. This must have been in 2011 or 2012, as this particular spooky internet web comic was going viral. Me and my brother, Sylas, had found out about this particular comic called ¨Bongcheon-Dong Ghost¨, a single Korean web comic intended to scare the living hell out of anyone who reads it.


The comic is meant to be read, like a comic should be read, in still images with text. It starts out with some gal walking down a dark street and seeing some mangled woman in blood-stained pajamas facing away from her. Gal #1 asks her what she’s doing, and after some dialogue I couldn’t remember if I tried, the comic comes to life with Gal #2´s head doing an owl-like 180 to face the reader.

Keep in mind that the rest of the comic was set up in still frames up until this point. The 180 head turn is entirely animated and horribly frightening. Then the freaky ghost gal attacks the other gal, accompanied by an obnoxiously loud scream. End scene. It really is a classic piece of internet lore and, at the time, me and Sylas wanted to ´prank´ my sister Averi by having her read it. So, in the living room, Sylas pulled up the comic on his iPod 4 Touch and gave it to our unsuspecting sister. As patient as can be, we waited for her reaction to the horrifying ghost-lady jump scare.


Finally, once she got to the bottom of the comic, the phone screamed and Averi screamed back. You may wonder, what does this have to do with a paranormal experience? This is why. After screaming as loud as she could, Averi threw the phone across the room. At that very moment, I swear to everything that is holy, I saw a huge pitch black shadow of a man walk in the doorway from the living room to the dining room. Nobody else saw it but me, for Averi was too busy wetting herself and Sylas was too busy laughing at her misfortune. It was the only ´paranormal´ experience I’ve ever had that could convince me that ghosts are real. Still, years after the fact, I cannot explain what I saw. I know it wasn’t just my peripheral vision going haywire on me, as I had stared dead ahead at the anomaly. It was just one of those things that makes you question whether ghosts and ghouls may not be all that fictitious.


If you´ve got any spooky ghost stories of your own, I’d love to read them in the comments. You’re welcome, News/Journalism kids. Also, definitely try to get someone with the jump-scare comic I mentioned. Some things shouldn’t stay dead forever.