Red Ribbon Week


This week, our school participated in Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon is the largest campaign for drug-use prevention in the United States. The purpose for Red Ribbon week is to get people talking to others and working on activities that will help “rebuild a sense of community and common purpose.” Too often has there been life-threatening car crashes or overdoses due to addiction or being under the influence of a harmful substance. Red Ribbon week is to help inform and educate others the right path to take and to persuade people not to choose to throw their life away by such events, but rather to choose the best versions of themselves. 

Starting Monday, October 26th, we had certain dress up days for this week. Monday was Red out, Tuesday was Space Jam for “Keep Drugs Out of This World”, Wednesday was Dynamic Duo/Twin day, Thursday is Jersey Day, and Friday was supposed to be Halloween Costume day, “Say “Boo” to Drugs and scare it away.” Just like in the past, not as many people have been dressing up like we wanted. Even with little participation on the dress up days, many are still eager to get others learning about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Not only is the user being harmed, but the people around that person as well. Family and friends connected to the person using are all affected by such toxic substances. Some may be affected even worse than the user. 

Schools tend to participate in Red Ribbon week every year and try to make it enjoyable as well. Even though talking about the harmful effects and consequences of drugs and alcohol can be a bit saddening, school corporations try to make the whole week exciting and to get more kids eager to learn not to do such things and educate others as well. Kids learn much more from a younger age so elementary schools tend to do more than high schools. Because of Co-Vid, many activities we normally do have been vastly limited this year. Usually, the officers and representatives walk over to the elementary to play bingo with the little kids and hand out prizes. Due to the difficult situations we are in as of right now, we are unable to do so. In addition to that, we are not holding a pep rally either. Pep rallies were something all students looked forward to, not just for the fun events and games we get to do but because we get out of classes. 

All in all, Red Ribbon week has been successful so far and looks as if it will continue to be successful. Helping create the dress up days was fun and the people behind the campaigns and clubs do an outstanding job every year. Red Ribbon week is a fun week and keeps people excited to see the outfits of those who participate in the dress up days. Virtual bingo has been postponed among others due to Covid, but that is not stopping us from staying drug free.