Covid-19’s Impact on My Education


This year has been a challenging year due to the Covid-19 virus. Covid-19 has affected everything around me, especially my education. It has affected my education the most in my classroom settings. Everything in the classrooms seems to be different this year. The arrangement of the desks, everyone wearing masks, and even the attitudes of the teachers.

First, the classroom desks have to be arranged differently this year because of Covid-19. The desks are three or more feet apart, and they are sprayed with a disinfectant before every period. Keeping the students three or more feet apart helps with social distancing the students to keep them safer. This distancing also seems to have a negative effect on our social lives because it is harder to hear each other. We have to speak louder to hear each other. 

Next, everyone in the building has to wear a mask. The masks protect us from spreading the virus which is a positive effect of the masks. Also, I feel that the masks are keeping us in school instead of having to do virtual learning. Negative effects of wearing masks are the increase of oil on my face which leads to acne, how hot it makes me throughout the day, and it is hard to recognize some people with their masks. 

Finally, the teachers’ attitudes have changed. A positive effect of this is that some teachers are not talking the entire class time, and we have more time to work on our assignments. A negative effect is the teachers have had to distance themselves from us, and they aren’t able to interact with us like usual. 

I know that changes like the arrangement of desks, everyone wearing masks, and even the attitudes of the teachers in my education are necessary because of Covid-19, but it just seems that there are a lot of changes that are more uncomfortable for students like me. Most of these changes are needed to keep everyone safe. So, in the end, it is a good thing that my school has made these changes. 

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