Worth the Risk


   My basketball season has been impacted by COVID a lot. Some of the pros would be we can still play sports, and we can practice basketball and get ready for the season. Some of the cons would be at some games there are no fans allowed, and going to other schools for basketball can be dangerous, also the bus rides are so weird having to wear masks on the bus and in the locker rooms. I know the practices for the basketball teams are tough because we have to wear a mask almost all of the time. I have a basketball game at Eastern tomorrow and it will be our first game without fans which I feel like will be very odd. 

I feel like having fans at games is a risk but it is one I am willing to take. I feel like some basketball teams need the fans to get them hyped up and ready for a big game. Basketball feels so weird now that we have to do things differently. We have to sanitize the basketballs after every practice and do so many things that we used to not have to do. Everything has been so weird this year and I can’t wait until the day that COVID is gone and we can go back to living our lives normally.

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