Restricted Activities


COVID has impacted my school year. It has been hard to go out to do things because of restrictions. It has changed the sports I play and the other activities I am involved in. 

Being a cheerleader in the midst of the virus has been hard. I can’t go out and cheer for the teams without worrying about safely staying away from people. I still get to cheer at some of the games, but it’s not the same as going to every game. Our practices are even hard. We can’t be close together and bond as much with social distancing. We have to wear masks when we are near each other. We try to have fun while it lasts. You never know when the things you love could be canceled. 

This year I decided to be in marching band as an 8th grader. It was hard at first to blend in being so new to the program. We had a few normal practices. After a few short days, ISSMA canceled the 2020 marching season due to COVID. This meant we could not go and compete at other schools and eventually go to state. The show we were practicing before the cancellation is saved for next year.  We made a new show created by the seniors called “Chaos and Order”. It was only going to be performed for home football games, the community, and to submit for an all music award rating. I think it is amazing we still made the best of it. It has been very hard on the seniors as well as directors, staff, and other members. I still had a great time with everyone who was a part of this incredible show. 

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