Pros and Cons


How has Covid-19 impacted my football season? I will be talking about the pros and cons of Covid and how it has impacted my season. There weren’t many problems but, there were a few that impacted my football season.

One pro of my football season was that we actually got to play most of our games. We could not play Hamilton Heights because of Covid and we also could not play Kokomo due to Covid. The next pro is that we got to practice on getting better and working harder as a team. The first game was against Hamilton Heights and they had to cancel because their school shut down due to many of the high school students having Covid. Then our second game we had to cancel because Kokomo blew up with Covid. So, we didn’t think about the negative of not playing. We got a positive mindset and worked hard at practice to get ready for our next game. 

One big con of my football season is that we had social distance on the sideline, so we had to stand on a certain cone to be away from each other. Another con is that most of our games were mixed 7th and 8th grade which really wasn’t a good matchup because the coaches had to figure out a game plan to play all the kids. The last con is that we could not use the weight room to get bigger, stronger, and faster during the three week span we had no games due to Covid. 


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