Sports and COVID


Due to COVID, there are many sports restrictions. You always have to wear a mask, and you have a risk of getting COVID or having to quarantine. There are many more cons than there are pros in the sports season. It just seems us players aren’t getting the full sports experience as we were getting last year. 

Some cons are that you have to risk getting COVID or having to quarantine. If you get COVID, you have to quarantine, and your season can be cut short. I have missed 5 basketball games due to quarantining. Also if you miss a certain amount of day, you have to have a certain amount of practices to play again. I missed over 10 days of sports, so now I have to have 6 practices before I can play in a game again. Since I have to get 6 practices in before I can play in a game, I have to miss 3 more games.

Some pros are that if you are injured, and your opponent has to quarantine, you can get an extra day of rest, especially if you are an important player to your team. Also if you don’t have enough practices to play in a game, but your opponent has to quarantine, your coach might schedule a day of practice for the game that was cancelled, so you can get your practices in. Some other pros(for other people/NOT ME) are that there can’t be any fans at the sporting event. Some athletes prefer the quiet while in a competition, so they are more focused. However, I think having no fans at an event is a con, while I know people who would think no fans are a pro of COVID.

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