Crazy Year


This year has been crazy with Covid-19 and lockdown, and school has been affected a lot by this. Like when you walk in the hallways, you try not to touch anyone and you have to wear your masks in the hallways or you can get in trouble.

Like when you are at lunch, you must have your mask on in line. You also have to have your name on a paper, so you cannot move tables. So if somebody gets Covid-19, you might get sent home. That is called contact tracing. You contact trace Covid-19 if you come in contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19. 

A few cons of this is that if one person gets Covid-19, they contract traces back to a lot of other people, like so if they play a sport that the team would become quarantined. If you get too many people out we would have to shut them down. We would have to go to google meets and have classes from there instead. Another con is that when you are wearing your mask it is harder to breathe, and the mask was giving me headaches at the beginning of the school year.

A few pros are that when you are virtual, in my opinion, going virtual makes school fun. The assignments were not hard, and for some classes we played a few games. The games make school not so boring. Another pro is that you didn’t have to wake up as early to get to school when you were on virtual. Another pro is that when you are at school you get to physically talk to people, but when you are in virtual you only normally talk to them in class. 

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