Covid-19: Restrictions on Band Classes

Covid-19: Restrictions on Band Classes

During this school year I have realized that Covid-19 restrictions affect lives and daily rituals in general. This includes not being able to have holidays, wearing a mask everywhere, and not seeing family.  One thing I really noticed was that restrictions severely restrict students in band classes. This affects concerts, performances, and their playing overall. There are a lot of cons, but there are also some pros to this new life.

One pro of restrictions is that if students experience stage fright they don’t have to worry as much this year. This is because performances are limited, restricted, or shut down completely. They might also have a limit on the audience. A second pro of this situation is that some bands are using this opportunity to work more on learning music notes and rules, choreography, and posture instead of playing period. This might be done normally, but the restrictions on playing open up even more time for these skills to be improved.

These restrictions also have cons to them. As I said previously, there is more time to learn things besides actually playing your instrument, but you also don’t get to learn as much of playing the instrument itself. Another con is that some instruments have to wear a covering or have a shield. This can muffled, or quiet the sound. A third con is that, although some students might have stage fright, others students don’t and some people would like to see them play. Except, this can’t happen at all or to full capacity this year.

In conclusion, Covid-19 affects almost everything from work to school to even your at home life. It has affected mental health, jobs, and the world as a whole. One big thing for me though is the limits on band.

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