Masks Forever?

Masks Forever?

As we all know, everyone is required to wear a face mask at school, and it is highly recommended and even mandatory to wear one in certain public places. Wearing a mask is something that has become a routine in our daily lives. The Covid 19 pandemic has completely changed how everyone has viewed personal hygiene, and everyone is much more cautious about staying at home or germ free. But a question that I assume has been on everyone’s mind as much as it has been on mine. How long will we all have to worry about wearing these face coverings? Are we going to have to always wear them forever?

If everyone is required to always have to worry about never forgetting to bring a mask wherever they go, I personally know that a ton of people would not be happy with that. Personally, I already know way too many students and adults who feel that the masks are such a nuisance, and many people refuse to wear them where they are strongly recommended. Therefore, I feel as though people would be outraged to have to still worry about them years into the future. Many people will continue to not choose to wear them continuing to not keep themselves or others safe. 

Mr. Grostefon recently recommended a website that holds a ton of different articles over current events. This website is called I chose to browse through the website and found an article from www.the-sun,com called “Mask Up Brits Could wear Covid face masks FOREVER as the Corona virus will ‘always be with us’ warns JVT.” While browsing this article, it made me think about what exactly would happen if we have to always wear face coverings. Writer, Kate Ferguson, says that lock down will probably be with us until the mid to late spring of 2021.

The virus has completely changed the way everyone views personal hygiene and hand washing habits. The article mentions that even in the future when Covid 19 is not as much as a threat, many people may still choose to bring a mask whenever they go to crowded places. Personally, I believe that this is true. A lot of people are still going to be worried about being infected even when the safety precautions are lifted. Then again, living in Walton, Indiana, I also know some people will completely ditch the mask and act as if the pandemic was never an issue in the first place. Just like everyone else, I also hope that we will not have to constantly stress over the pandemic much longer. 

Masks have become an essential piece of our everyday lives; it has become the new normal. Guest Jonathan Van Tam says, “I don’t think we are ever going to take this virus away out of humankind. I think the virus is going to continue to change over time, as the disease has already shown signs of doing.” I honestly agree with this statement because I feel that it’s going to take a very long time or maybe even be impossible to completely abolish the virus, and I believe that it could change into something less severe.

I realize that the future of the pandemic is unknown, and there are numerous questions that are wondered about what life will be like. My personal hopes are that we will be able to control the virus enough to where we will not have to worry about never forgetting a mask every time we leave the house.

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