Nostalgia 101


Ever since we were on lockdown, I have tried to seek out old books, movies, and shows to watch since everything had been postponed to release later. I instantly had a sudden tsunami, not a wave, of nostalgia hit me on this journey to search through my childhood movies and books. Each movie and book unlocked a past memory I’ve forgotten I’d had, and I even asked some of my peers if they had any specific movies that made them feel nostalgic as well. Here are some of those special movies and books that I encourage you to take a look at no matter what genre of books and movies you enjoy most. 

Even though we are all basically young adults and should be mature by now, I still have a guilty pleasure of watching Barbie movies every now and then. I loved watching the Barbie movies and their bloopers when I was younger and would always watch it during long car trips or in the hotel bed with my sister. Everytime I start a Barbie movie I get all giddy inside and am always super invested. In addition to this, the Barbie books were also very enticing. Another book series that were super exciting to indulge in were the Geronimo books. I was utterly obsessed with all the adventures he went to and I wanted to be a mouse myself just to go to all the grand cities and risky adventures like Geronimo did. 

I was an earnest reader when I was younger so I indulged in more book series than just Geronimo books. Any book that involved any amount of adventures, pretty covers and cities, and awesome friendships with a little bit of romance always fell into my hands. Furthermore, a similar movie that has these characteristics would be Another Cinderella Story featuring Selena Gomez. This movie, along with Mamma Mia, will always get me squealing. This was my favorite childhood movie and I can not stop smiling everytime I watch it. The pure bliss one can receive from past movies, books, and even food can make one so joyful its astonishing. 

Other books, movies, and food that can be really a “blast in the past” moment are the Wizards of the Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, Magic Schoolbus, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ben 10, Ninjago, Total DramaRama, Fairly odd Godparents, Bridge to Terabithia, and so much more. If you are in search of any good nostalgic shows, movies, or books, then these are the ones for you. I would hope you would have already seen most of these and if not, then be prepared for a wonderful surprise. If you have not watched these in a long time then get ready to unlock some memories and to get lost in the world of your favorite childhood characters. Let me know down below which book, movie, food, or show was your favorite during your childhood!