The Pride and the Prejudice


Recently, I had to read a book for my AP English class and I was prepared for such a bore. As I read on, the plot and characters were actually really interesting. I normally love to read, but I like reading on my own accord and not when it’s for an assignment or someone tells me to. Otherwise, it is not pleasurable. The book I had to read, as you can tell from the title, was Pride and Prejudice. At some points it got boring and I skimmed, but the overall story was quite intriguing. For most, it may seem silly and blegh reading a romance novel, but this book was more than just romance. To me, this novel was about finding oneself as well as friendship. 

Since youth, most girls dream of having the perfect fairytale and the love story that all could be overzealous about. Girls could only imagine the perfect prince of a boy walking up to their front steps one morning only to sweep them off of their feet. The feeling of contentment and elation from finally having that bond and connection with a “one true love” is what most people often dream and yearn for; however, some men can strike a woman so deep in the heart that it potentially affects her decisions. Soon the boy’s bad decisions become her own, and the influence that prince charming has over her is not one that society would agree upon. This is the case for the main character Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy was immensely unpopular and deemed unsociable by society, until Bennet and Darcy’s friendship blossomed into something else. Even though the man had unfathomable wealth and was rich in beauty as well, what lay beneath the surface is what swept Miss Bennet from under her own feet. 

The two main characters of this novel both have completely different boisterous personalities. The first main character to be introduced to us is Elizabeth Bennet. She is the second eldest of the Bennet family, and is considered to be the most intelligent and quick-witted of her sisters. Her character is very honest, virtuous, and has a lively wit to her that enables her to overlook and rise above the horrendous behavior in their society. Miss Bennet has a lot to overcome in her journey to find romantic happiness, and along the way she finds what she was looking for in the unexpected. The next main character introduced to us is Mr. Darcy. He seemed more like a prude in the beginning and other supporting characters’ speculations on him persuaded not just the reader, but Miss Elizabeth Bennet as well on his persona. Darcy is the son of a very wealthy and established family who often makes hasty and harsh judgements, in which Miss Bennet is all too familiar with. They both have their own reasons from holding back from truly acquiring each other at different times in the novel. 

Overall, the book had outstanding irony that only continued to get better towards the end, and the unique personas of each character only added to the enticing drama. The novel started out stating the fact that women in this era must find a suitable husband that can provide for them and their families. If you enjoy longer novels with drama, romance, and friendship then this is the one for you. I promise you will get hooked with the plot twists and an immense amount of irony.