Carson Wentz is the Future


Imagine, you’re finishing a puzzle, you spent weeks on weeks working on this wonderful piece of work, and you lose a piece at the beginning of it. Instantly you’re mad and upset with yourself, but by the end, you find that piece and can finish the puzzle. That is the Indianapolis Colts these past couple of years with their QB situation. We started this process of building a great team with a past face of the franchise Andrew Luck before his sudden retirement after the 2018 season. The Colts have tried to figure out the position these past couple of years, but we have found the guy. That man is Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles now turned Indianapolis Colts. Wentz is a 6’5 237 pound QB stronger than an Ox and will run down a concrete wall if need be. I will say, not my first pick to replace Phil Rivers, but he was a great option for the Colts. 


Carson Wentz is a very controversial player in the NFL, either you think he is amazing or he should be out of the league. Wentz if not injured in 2017, would have won MVP with his amazing stat line of 33 Touchdowns to only 7 interceptions. During that time, the Eagles went 11-2 and had the number 1 seed in the NFC. Current Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich was the offensive coordinator of the Eagles. Wentz in 2019 had a very similar season and was truly the face of the Eagles. But, after one bad season this past season with the Eagles and he is trash now? That is a terrible take, he had zero help and had an offensive line that you would see in a middle school football game. Wentz not only had no time to throw the ball but had no one to throw to. Wentz will show his full potential in the Blue and White for Indianapolis. 


The Indianapolis Colts is the perfect place for Wentz and his abilities. Wentz is coming to a place with a top 10 defensive and offensive line. Also, we will have an amazing running attack with a second year back Johnathan Taylor and returning from injury former pro-bowler Marlon Mack. The Colts will be looking for some weapons for Wentz on the outside but we already have the likes of Michael Pittman Jr., Zach Pascal, Jack Doyle, and maybe the returning of a long-time wide receiver T.Y Hilton to the team could make a difference. The Colts should pick up a wide receiver in the draft or look to the free agency market for a player like Allen Robinson of the Chicago Bears or Juju Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 


I’m very interested and excited about the Colts next season and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish with Carson Wentz. The pressure is on Wentz to perform but I believe that he can return to form and lead us. Wentz, either a face of a franchise or a broken man is for you to pick. The future is now for the Indianapolis Colts and Carson Wentz coming to town is just the beginning of something great. 


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