The Gritty Season


For so long, the Corona Virus has taken away so much from so many people. Lives have been lost and even more lives have been changed forever. This year’s seniors have had it immensely rough since the spring of last year. Spring sport athletes had their junior season taken away and are walking on eggshells for their last year. The feeling of never knowing when everything could be cancelled again and all the hard work just goes down the drain. Participating in sports is so much more than just competing and getting fit, it is the bond one shares with the team and the connections that grow throughout the season. Therefore, spring sport athletes are giving it their all to have a good final season with the seniors. At least in track and field we are trying to make the most of what we can get. 

The girls and boys season has started since the middle of February. Unlike the past years, both teams have conjoined in practices. Boys sprinters are practicing with the girls, distance altogether, and as well as all the throwers. From the girls’ perspectives, it gives us more time to rest since the guys are a little more speedy, they tend to go first in line. The Seniors for this years girls team are Taylor Rodabaugh, Madison Rodabaugh, Chloe Crozier, Crystal Villanueva, Kyla Mennen, Delaney Zeck, Odessa Vest, Kate Madrigal, Laura Hughes, Averi Parker, Kambri Burks, Jackie Wiles, and myself. Our team is quite large and competitive with each other, and we have been trying to make this year count by getting to know teammates we necessarily would not interact with due to lack of classes with each other or varying grades. Each individual has a unique skill set that allows us to use to our advantage for our first scrimmage meet next Tuesday. Some of us are faster in the beginning of races, some kick it in at the very end, and most of us have aspiring endurance to hold through until the end. The underclassmen have a lot of potential so we are not immensely worried for the upcoming years when we are gone. So far, everyone has been getting along and we are all excited for the upcoming meets to see where we stand with others and ourselves. The grind has been apparent and we all want the best for each other. I have participated in this sport since 7th grade and what I love the most is the support everyone gives each other. Our team strives to push each other to be at our peak and this is only the beginning. No one’s position in events are set in stone yet, but based on practices it seems we will have strong individuals and sturdy relays. 

Just like the girls, Lewis Cass Boys’ track team looks like it is going to be a really good season as well. The sprinting team, long distance team, and the throwing team all look solid so far during practice. Everyone is getting geared up and ready for our practice meet which is this coming Tuesdays evening against Delta high school.  We have never faced that school before in a track meet, or at least since I’ve been on the track during my high school years.  The reason we are facing them is because our coach, Mr. Carlton, went there for high school.  He told me that he wanted to get a practice meet in before our first official meet that is in April.  He also said that his friends are the coaches up there too and he wants to show them what he has been doing with our team for the last three years he came to Lewis Cass to teach and be a coach.  I think this will be a really great opportunity for everyone to get a little preseason meet in to get some of the nervousness out of our system and be ready for when the regular season begins.  

The Boys have some great stars from each of the teams.  The sprinting team has some fast runners in Gannon Davis, Tristin Miller, Elijaah Martin, Montez Burns, and Eddie Prince.  I’ve been doing track since 7th grade because that was the first year that I was able to do it.  I have been enjoying all these years so far and I can’t wait for this season to start. I really like this team this year. I’m not sure how well they will perform, but I think our team is full of guys who are going to give it their best effort to win some meets this year. Tristin Miller is making his debut on the track team this season. He is a junior like me and I think the reason he is just now doing track is because he has been doing travel basketball every year during the spring and he is changing that this year.  I think he is a fantastic edition to the team.  He already is a great player for our basketball team and I think he is going to bring that over to track as well.  He is definitely already one of the fastest runners on the team.  Eddie, Montez, and Elijah are all making their debut this season as well.  Montez and Eddie were freshmen last year but there was no season due to the covid-19 pandemic. Elijah is a freshman this year and he is excited about participating in the high school track meets. The sprint team is looking solid for this season so far. The long distance has some great guys like Cole McCloskey, Braxton Armstrong, Felix Palafox, and Dominic Gilbert. Going a long distance is in these guys blood. Running a mile seems easy to them. They run so many miles every day and I have no clue how they are able to run for that long. I don’t really know what else they do because everyone does different stuff depending on what specific events one does. Some of the throwers are Erick Hardy, Ryan Norwood, Tristan Padilla, Tyler Johnson, and Carson Vest. I don’t really get a chance to see what they are doing during practice as well since I’m with the sprinters the whole practice. I do know that Hardy, Johnson, and Vest are all good throwers when it comes to both shot-put and discus. Some of them may go to regionals this year.

All in all, both teams look incredibly prepared for this ongoing season and everyone is fired up for our meet. Sprinters, distance, and throwers each have their own cavalry that can help lead to the dubs during big meets. We are all thankful that our season is still in process as of right now and we are all trying our best to make it the best one yet. Of course, other sports are due to be experiencing around the same stuff as we are for we are all in this together. Usually I would say come support the team next week at Delta, but instead support us through online due to Covid reasons.