Helltown, Ohio

Supernatural phenomena have been debated to exist or not for years. Some people think there’s a perfectly reasonable and scientific explanation for the mysterious happenings, yet others believe that ghosts and other supernatural forces have interacted with the living world to create these phenomena. The city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle are mysterious places and occurrences that most people have heard of, however there are tons of cities and places around the world that are home to mysterious happenings. One of my personal favorite mysteries is not a building or place in the ocean, it’s a small town in Ohio known as Helltown.

Helltown, more formally known as Boston, Ohio, was founded in 1806. Originally an uneventful town, it became the victim of nationwide panic over disappearing forestland. According to www.atlasobscura.com, “Using the laws of eminent domain, President Gerald Ford signed a bill that gave the federal government’s National Park Service jurisdiction to expropriate land for the establishment of National Parks.” The NPS placed the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Boston township. The longtime residents of the town were enraged and upset. With no choice but to leave their town, they scribbled “Now we know how the Indians felt.” on their homes and left. 

The town was never turned into a conservation area. The government boarded up the homes and left them vacant. However, there’s a rumor there was an underground bunker built to run experiments and tests on humans. One day in 1985, the area surrounding Helltown was evacuated. Some might say it was due to a toxic chemical spill, but others believe one of the experiments had gotten loose and was highly dangerous. 

There are other things about the town that are extremely odd. The roads surrounding the town seem to twist endlessly and appear to lead to nowhere. It’s thought that maybe these roads were created to keep wandering strangers out of the town. If you were to get into the town, however, the sights might send you running back the way you came. There are two roads within the town labeled as dead ends, but if you were to travel on them, you’d see them continue on into the distance. Perhaps these roads were labeled to keep people out of cults and satanists’ secret hideouts. 

There were allegedly multiple large chemical spills believed to cause mutations in the local children and even a snake known as the “ Peninsula Python, a gigantic snake that slithers the area” according to colonialghosts.com. There was also an old junkyard found within the city, but the park rangers that attempted to clean it up fell ill and developed headaches and rashes. 

A paranormal researcher that once visited the area in the early morning has seen strange people dressed in all black surrounding his car. One occurance around 2:00 AM and the other around 4:30 AM. He said, “Both times, the people fled as soon as they saw me approaching the car before I had a chance to speak to them. Both times, they were dressed in all black.” 

The churches within the town have strange names such as Mother of Sorrows and are covered in upside down crosses. Perhaps they are where the residents practice religion, but it’s easier to believe they perform human sacrifices within them. There’s also said to be an abandoned bus within the city. If you were to approach the bus, it’s said you could see the ghosts of the children within while they try to talk to you.

Today, however, Helltown appears to be a popular tourist attraction for residents in Northeast Ohio. The town has lost some of its supernatural energy, but the myths and legends surrounding the town’s name still remain. Most buildings are either run down or demolished, but the graveyard remains as well as the ghosts of the residents that once were.

In conclusion, supernatural phenomena have been happening for decades. Helltown, Ohio (formerly known as Boston, Ohio) is one example of an entire town that was built on legends and myths and the supernatural. Many strange things have happened in and around the town. Today, you can visit Helltown. Most buildings are demolished or run down, but the cemetery still stands and so do the legends.