The Lewis Cass Boys Tennis Preview


The 2021 Lewis Cass Boys Tennis team is shaping up for the new season. This is definitely a very exciting time for Lewis Cass sports.  The boys team last year was very good and we went to the sectional championship and faced off against Twin Lakes.  I believe that the tennis squad should be good once again this season.  We lost some very good seniors last year in David Woolever and Blaine Rudd from varsity, but the new varsity could be up there on the level of those two former seniors.  The boys should be a great team this year by looking at who is on the team.  

First, our singles lineup this year will be the same as the 2020 tennis season.  Jack Salyers is already locked in as the single’s #1 player for the Kings.  Gannon Davis and Ethan Johnson will play in a challenge this Saturday to decide the other two spots for the singles positions.  I think we will have a great year at the singles positions.  All three boys have been improving a ton since last fall.  If we get these three men to win every single night, then we will be a force to be reckoned with.  All you need is at least three wins each match and if the singles players can get the job done, then the team is looking great already.  Jack Salyers has been a varsity tennis player all four years of his high school career.  His freshman year, he was number one singles for JV, but that is still considered varsity.  He was singles two his sophomore year, singles one his junior year, and once again singles one his senior year.  Gannon Davis was singles two on JV his freshman year, singles three on varsity his sophomore year singles two on varsity his junior year, and most likely is going to be singles two his senior year.  Ethan Johnson was singles one on JV his freshman year, singles three on varsity his sophomore year, most likely singles three his junior year, and singles one his senior year.

Next,  these three guys have all the skills it takes to help this team win the sectional championship this year.  We came so close to winning it last year, but Twin Lakes was just a little bit better than us.  With all the practice and hard work we have been putting in, we should be able to bounce back this season and win the title.  Salyers has definitely been playing a lot over the course of this year, whether that be playing at Greentown for classes or playing with friends and family wherever.  Davis has been showing a lot of net game improvement over this past summer as told by Coach Hurst himself.  He also went to those Greentown classes with Salyers last fall to work on his skills too.  The angle shots that Gannon has been hitting too have been far better than in previous years.  Johnson may have shown that he can hit some of the best drop shots on the team.  I would say that is definitely one of his stronger abilities on the court.  He also has the ability to go the distance in a match if need be.  The endurance levels of the man are insane.  After everything that the singles players have done to prepare for the upcoming season, they should be big contenders for a win at sectionals.

The doubles lineup of the Kings is where the biggest change is coming. After losing David Woolever and Blaine Rudd who were both doubles players due to graduation there will be an opening. Currently, it looks like Bryon Hurst will move into the 1 doubles spot with Jensen Burrous this season. Jensen, a two-year varsity tennis player has experience in doubles with both years being a doubles player. He returns for his Junior year and comes off great success. Burrous, who played 1 doubles last year, looks for even more success. Jensen had a great offseason for tennis by playing indoor tennis then once the weather was good enough he was over at our courts. Bryon Hurst is coming off a successful freshman year in which he played 2 doubles. Hurst is a power-hitting baseline player that can also be a dominant threat at the net due to his size and volleying ability. This team shows great potential at 1 doubles and can be a dominant threat. 

Two doubles will be a very interesting and key spot for the Kings. Currently with four people going for that spot. Those men being Briceton Ellington, Ryeland Ellington, Noah Preston, and Jack Miller. All four of these players bring their own styles to the game of tennis. Briceton, an athletic and powerful tennis player from both the net and baseline. Ryeland, a very quiet and reserved fellow who can hit with the best of them with one of the better forehands on the team. Noah, who is a stud at the net and has a serve that can pick up speed quickly. Noah also has a nice low-sitting forehand that is deadly if you give him a short ball. Last but not least is Jack Miller. Brother of former Cass tennis player Noah Miller, Jack has an excellent lob and amazing first serve. All four of these men have the ability to play two doubles and will be quite the duel to see who gets these last two spots. 

Kings have high hopes and expectations for this year’s team. With the goal to hopefully bring home the first sectional in program history. There Sectional holds the likes of Twin Lakes, Logansport, Delphi, Carroll, and of course Lewis Cass. With the possibility of three of those teams winning the sectional. That being Twin Lakes, Logansport, or Lewis Cass. It will be another great year of Lewis Cass tennis and hopefully one to remember.