City to recognize fallen military members on Sunday


When people sign up for the military they know their life is at risk. They know the risks associated with the job of being in the military, but they choose to do so anyway because they care about keeping us and our country safe. Thus, when one of our soldiers has fallen, We should recognize the risk they take and honor them and their families in the best and most respectable way possible. 

That is exactly what the city of Logansport is doing. This is the first time Logansport is participating in the Gold Star Luminary Initiative. The Initiative is putting down Luminaries to honor our fallen soldiers. A luminary is a white bag filled with sand that has a candle-style tea light in the bag with a gold star and a place to write a person’s name, a prayer or a saying for remembrance. At dusk, taps will play and people participating will be asked to pray over those who have fallen. Petrina Hopkins was the one organizing the event about a month and a half ago and recently received the official approval of Logansport’s Board of Works and Safety to hold this event. Petrina Hopkins heard about this event in a support group for mothers of those in the US marine corps. Her son, Wesley Hopkins, finished the final recruit test known as “the crucible” and will graduate October 1st. The luminary bags will be free for those who are remembering a fallen soldier, but there will still be a donation container to help make this event an annual occurrence.  Board of Works member Lisa Terry said that churches and veteran groups will likely want to be involved. Her husband’s tattoo parlor, Fatt Matt’s Tats, sponsored the event. They hope to get more people involved because then she will have more to plan this year. Hopkins also said that there is a push by Marine moms to make Gold Star Day a national holiday 

The Gold Star Luminary Initiative hopes to get people together by lighting a Luminary every year on the last Sunday of September. Lighting a Luminary will help other families of fallen soldiers know they are not alone. There has been a presidential proclamation since 1936 By Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt to honor Gold Star mothers, but there was no nationwide call to action. Since 2007, they have helped honor many families around the United States of America. 

Every year thousands of soldiers fall. This means potentially thousands of families face the loss of a soldier every year. This is a great time to show families of fallen soldiers that they are not alone. This event is happening this Sunday to September 26, 2021. If enough people show support, this event will potentially become an annual occurrence.  

In conclusion, this is a good-hearted event that is taking place. It honors the families of fallen soldiers and has wide community support from businesses and the city government. I hope this event happens again next year and every year after that..